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Artisan Assistant

WCO 324920 Gansbaai Post Level NQF level 1   Closes 2024-06-27 12 Days left

Artisan Assistant

WCO 320998 Gansbaai Post Level NQF level 1   Closes 2024-06-27 12 Days left


WCO 0320268 Hermanus Post Level NQF level 6   Closes 2024-06-20 5 Days left

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    Ensure you meet all the requirements and prepare all the required documents. If you are a new user register on the system, otherwise login. Complete and submit the job application form before the closing date.


    All applications are reviewed after the closing date. Qualifying applicants will be shortlisted and will be invited to an interview. If you don’t hear anything within the stipulated timeframe you have not been successful.


    Attend the interview held by a panel who will ask you questions and answer your questions. You may also need to complete an assessment before the interview. The panel will then confer and recommend the preferred candidate for the position.


    The successful candidate will be offered the position and need to accept the offer/position within the stipulated timeframe. If you are successful you are now part of the Overstrand Team!

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